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Managed Liquid Web WooCommerce Hosting

Liquid Web WooCommerce Hosting: why should you check out Managed Woo-Commerce Hosting with a Liquid Web account?

Liquid Web WooCommerce Hosting: Managing servers isn’t fun. We’ve created a better option: a Managed WooCommerce Hosting platform that gives you control over your eCommerce store with the peace of mind that managed hosting provides. I have just a couple minutes to show you why you should check out Managed Liquid Web WooCommerce Hosting. This is a 9,000 product site. I’m gonna click shop all categories. Look at how fast this page loads, right? When I come on to over-the-ear look at how fast it filters, right? That’s incredibly fast. How is it doing it?
Well, part of its the underlying infrastructure container scalability and all that the other part right is a theme. But I’m gonna show you one more piece in terms of speed. We’re gonna type B and O, now watch here for the S. I hit S look at how fast it loads There’s the Bose large image for zooming, right? Text description even related products. How does it load that fast? Our underlying infrastructure. But also we compared 40 different themes and found the fastest eCommerce theme right now is Astra. And so we’ve included it as part of our plans. You go Astra, isn’t that the one that works well with page builders? Absolutely you can come in and make changes to your pages coming in clicking an image here and saying hey I want to replace this with a different image.

You can do that easily because you’re using Beaver Builder That’s hundreds of dollars. You would normally spend on a page builder or the Astra Pro You’d spend money on the theme and it’s Pro Version. You don’t have to it’s all included. You go okay theme That’s super fast Beaver Builder so you can design it. What else abandoned cart? That’s right Jilt You’d spend a couple of hundred dollars on that you don’t have to it’s included Look at these emails.

You come to put something in my store and leave you’re gonna get an email in six hours Then one day three days and seven days the magic number later get him back within a week And you go was it hard to do? No you can drag and drop any of these components create any email you want it’s included as part of the overall price you go all is that it no not at all because We also index everything remember that BO, and then the type-ahead and it loaded up real quickly That’s how Algolia and we put that in for all the sites and lookie here You can see on one of my sites leaders blog. I have people are searching and as they’re searching Algolia is telling me what they’re searching 16% of the customers that are gonna buy something from you They actually search for it first so it tells you and you can come back and look and see okay What do they want and what I should offer for them now? Now you go, is that it? No, not nearly? I haven’t even started talking about Glew, right? Glew automatically segments all of your customers based on their transactions for you.

Historical ones even before you came onto our platform It’ll look through all that historical data Bring it in will mine it. We have an entire data center set up just for this, right? So we can see who are your big spenders or your VIPs? Who are the people that paid full price, and who are the people that use discounts..all automatically? And you go that’s good well Did I tell you it integrates with MailChimp? And you can export any of these segments of CSVs for your own system if you’re not using MailChimp. But there’s more. Every single store we calculate, right? What’s the rate of which people come back for repeat visits? We get that magic number for your specific store, and then we tell you how’s this customer doing in that context, right? We’ll show you that will show you all their purchases They’ve done before and will even tell you what you should recommend next perfect for creating coupons How is all that possible at the price we’re doing it Cause we’re crazy right, but because we wanted to build a total solution.

And that’s what we built with Managed WooCommerce Hosting. The very best platform for your eCommerce store.

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