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TurnKey Internet was launched in 1999 to provide advanced consulting services to Internet Service Providers and Enhanced Telecommunications Providers. TurnKey Internet was founded on a key principle to focus on the customer. In 2001, many of the services TurnKey Internet provided to the large Internet Service Providers became practical solutions for many emerging Internet businesses. TurnKey Internet has since focused heavily on the small- and medium-sized business client that needs reliability, speed, and cost-effective web hosting solutions for their online business. The strength of TI is not just affordable shared hosting that low-budget businesses can use for their online presence. The dedicated servers are also powerful and very affordable compared to the exhorbitant cost from most hosting firms, starting at $69/month (cloud server hosting, just $39/month).

Turnkey Internet Dedicated Server Hosting (Review)

TurnKey Internet Shared
hosting services (Linux cpanel and windows plesk)

Cost: The standard cost is as low as $2.49/month. You also
get unlimited SSD storage (Raid 10 protected), unlimited bandwidth, and 10 to
unlimited domains, depending on the plan. The $4.99/month plan also covers SSLs
and one dedicated IP.

This is just for you to get started, as there are other options for startup as well as upgrades depending on the needs of your business. Scaling your performance level can be done within seconds, so you can easily give your website some extra power to handle directly increased load. TurnKey Internet provides, in writing, a30-day no-questions-asked Money-Back Guarantee. Your satisfaction is a top priority, and the TI team is confident that you will love their web hosting Services. With 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, you will have plenty of time to test TI out and see for yourself how whether TurnKey Internet’s Service is for your business.

All of web hosting packages come with a range of great
plugins to enhance your website. Choose from the most popular web hosting
applications including TYPO3, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, and KOKEN.
All plugins are free and can be installed with just a few clicks. One-click
WordPress installation is provided by Softaculous software, which comes along with
RVSiteBuilder PRO, R1Soft, Cloudflare, Attracta (SEO tool), GlobalSign
One-Click and more! There are so many scripts and tools right in your cpanel
that it will make your head spin to just look at the list. TurnKey Internet
makes migrating to the cloud and web
hosting services easier than ever by handling all the migration work for your
website(s) and servers including all email, databases, websites, and

Security: For
reliable protection of your website visitors and to increase your ranking on
Google, one SSL Wildcard Certificate is included per contract. An SSL
certificate ensures all information transmitted to and from your website is
protected from third parties attempting to access it. It is important because
browsers, like Google Chrome, mark pages without https and the green padlock in
the address bar as not secure. This can have a negative effect on the
trustworthiness of your website. Pages that are protected with SSL receive
better search engine rankings, and are more likely to be trusted by visitors.
Domains and subdomains are unlimited. 5 databases are provided per account.

 Uptime: 99.9% Uptime-The availability of
your website is a top priority.  


Cloud hosting

Run your stack or application on a scalable cloud platform,
with a wide range of configuration options and dedicated resources. Cloud
Hosting is web hosting built on our latest cloud platform. You get a wide
choice of software configurations and dedicated resources that can be
dynamically deployed and flexed. The highly flexible platform lets you select
the exact level of performance you need, and pay as you go. Adjust your CPU Cores,
RAM, and storage at any time to match the demands of your website or
application, with full control of your usage and costs tracked by the minute. Cloud-Hosted
Virtual Servers (VPS) offer the highest level of service and the ultimate
combination of performance, value, security and ease of use for your hosting
needs. TI VPS’s are far more flexible than other hosting options giving your
organization full control over the security settings, choice of operating
system, control panels, software configuration, and applications. It starts at
just $4.99/month for 1 CPU core due to a 2018 end-of-year promotion of 50% off
on all plans!

Dedicated servers

Using dedicated servers, you can boost the performance of your websites with powerful hardware all to yourself. Dedicated Servers (also known as Bare Metal Servers) offer the highest level of service and ultimate combination of performance, value and security for your cloud-based hosted needs. Unlike Cloud or Virtual server, a DEDICATED server provides you with exclusive access to all the physical hardware in the server (CPU, Ram, Disk, Network Port, and the physical chassis of the server), and nothing on the server is shared with any other clients in any fashion.

The Dedicated Server is far more flexible than other hosting
options giving your organization full control over the security settings,
choice of operating system, hardware configuration, and what applications you
want to run on the server. TI can provide you with a dedicated, fully managed
server for just $53/month: Intel
Xeon X5650

2.66 GHz, 2 CPUs, 24 cores, 8 GB RAM, and 4 Drives. There
are plenty of other options…


 Why host with Turnkey Unternet?

“TurnKey Internet provides superior hosting performance at affordable prices, backed with bulletproof reliability and a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. We offer the latest in technology, including Green-based renewable power produced on-site at our green datacenter. We own and operate our own facility, data center, servers, routers, switches, and network. We are not resellers or wholesalers, so you are buying directly from the source, for superior value and service. TurnKey Internet maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau of New York.”

TurnKey Internet - Dedicated Server - Dual Octa-Core - Best Value Deal

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TurnKey Internet - Dedicated Server - Dual Octa-Core - Best Value Deal

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