Free Web Hosting, Do Not Use It - Here's Why

Here’s Why you should Not Use Free Web Hosting

First of all, if you run a blog and your using Wordpress and have created a free Wordpress account and are running a business, your web URL is going to look like this, MyGreatBusiness.wordpress. com or mygreatbusiness . Whatever you do, your website will always end in Wordpress. com pr blogger . com. Is that what you want your online business to look like to your customers?

Web hosting explained simply

What Is Web Hosting? Explained Simply

To make your website visible on the web, your website’s files and data must be physically stored on a computer that is connected to the Internet.

Web Hosting Recommendations and Switching to WPEngine

Is it worth Switching to WPEngine for WordPress Hosting

Switching to WPEngine for managed WordPress hosting: Is it a good move? The short answer is yes for speed, security, scalability, backup, and stability of your site.  Today we’re talking about website hosting recommendations, and why we switched hosts based…

What is Domain Name, USR, web hosting, WWW

What is Domain Name, URL, Web Page, Website, WWW, Web Hosting | TechTerms

Suppose you open your computer’s browser, type in the top bar and hit enter. Some new contents appear on your computer screen. When you click on the image, previous contents disappear, and new contents appear and so on. The…

Increasing the page loading speed of your WordPress site by efficient website design

Moving your site or blog from dedicated servers to cloud VPS hosting?

Dedicated servers to cloud VPS: Moving from a dedicated server account to cloud VPS hosting: If you’re looking to replace your old server, moving from dedicated to cloud-based hosting could be the way forward. If you’re looking to replace your…