Should I own my own domain name?

For the last 2 years I found myself asking:

  • “Should I purchase my own domain name?”
  • “If I do buy a domain name, what will be my return on investment (ROI)?”
  • “if my domain does not rank high in search engines results pages? If not, then why must I spend money on it?”

Whether I should spend money on my own domain name is not the right question. A better question is what would be the impact compared to a free domain and hosting from services like Blogger or WordPress?

It actually took me two years to be convinced of the importance of owning a domain compared to a free domain. It actually felt good after I bought my first domain name.

Apart from feeling good about it, the following are many reasons why you should consider buying your own domain name:

Be considerate toward your site visitors: Get a domain that is easy to remember

Once you purchase your own domain name, your website will have a unique name on the internet. Make sure the domain name is short. It will be definitely easier to remember than a free domain name is.

2. Own your domain for Reliability and effectiveness

Purchasing your own domain name signals a sense of seriousness and reliability. It is like sending a message to your website visitors that you take responsibility for this domain name. There is a sense of trust that will compel your visitors to spend time on your web site more than they would on a free web site.

3. Do what you want to do with your site

When you have a free domain, the company allowing you to build the site can shut it down without any further notice. However, if you own your domain name, you can decide what content to use for your site and where to host your content. If you are not happy with a web host or hosting service, you are free to move to another host without losing search engine ranking. Here is some information on some top website hosting services.

Shared hosting: SiteGround,  BlueHost,  Hostgator,  1&1 Ionos,  Nexcess Beyond Hosting

Managed WordPress hostingWPEngineJaguarPC

VPS and dedicated server: InterserverLiquid webTurnkey InternetJaguarPCFast domain

4. Keep your website ranking and search engine traffic

If you own your domain name and move to a better web host (where you keep your site to show content on the internet) without worrying about losing web site ranking or search engine traffic. On the contrary, with a free subdomain or domain name, if you move to a new host, you will lose visitors to your new site.

5. Complete control over your own content which you have worked hard for

With your own domain name, you can have your own web host. You are the BOSS of your own website. That means you ultimately have absolute control over your own content.

6. Website improvement and how you will be found by search engines

Without a doubt, your own domain name acts as an authority for your blog or site towards search engines. Search engines credit to the principle domain name. For example, if you have a free domain hosted on Blogger, search engine will rank Blogger instead of your blog.

With your proprietary domain, you permit search engines to index your site with more authority and credibility.

7. Your own domain is an effective tool to brand yourself

In the event that you need to show your own work on the internet, owning your domain name is the most sensible way. For instance, in the event that you are an artist, designer (fashion, architecture), writer, photographer or any individual who needs to show potential employers your awesome work, your own domain name will act like a business card to them. With it, you give them the idea of professionalism and credibility.

8. You can monetize your blog or site with your domain name if you wish

UK: Search Advertising sign up page

The best part is (only if you want to), if you want to make money online, with your own domain name, you can show advertisement or become an affiliate to earn cash.

However, this will not happen overnight and needs some serious work at your side before you see real cash flow. But you don’t know what is in the future.

With your own domain name your credibility increases to the visitors as well as someone who seeks professional service. They may find your blog useful to hire you.

9. Purchase before somebody else buys the domain name

It will be very much regretting that at some point you decide to buy your favourite domain name and find out that it is already taken.

What’s more, once anybody purchases your favourable domain name, it will be no more available to you to purchase as new domain (unless the domain is for sale). The worse part, he/she makes the domain name either well-known or potentially more regrettable. But, you cannot do anything.

Therefore, act before someone else has the domain name and use it for his/her advantage.

10. A domain name is extremely cheap

For well-known top-level domains (e.g., .com), you will spend just about $12 per year for registering your domain with a good domain registrar. That is cheaper than a cup of coffee a day for 12 days at Starbucks!

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Domain names are easy to set up and very affordable. I highly recommend that you register your own domain name and use a great web host. With just $1 per month ($12 on average), it is one of the best investments you would do, certainly for the long run.