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WordPress Tutorial: Hi, my name is Max from In today’s short video I’m gonna show you how to make a website. Before we begin our WordPress tutorial, you need hosting for your website. SiteGround is a great host, and the one I use is for The StartUp plan has great features, the GrowBig plan has better features, and the GoGeek plan has all the features.

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Let us begin our WordPress Tutorial-As you can see, there is immediate activation, one-click setup, live assistance, great uptime, support you’ll love, WordPress website features, and a friendly user interface. Down here you can see more details on the various plans. The link that just appeared at the top of the page will show you more technical information. And for this tutorial, I’m gonna go with the StartUp plan. All websites need a domain name and SiteGround includes one for free. It could be your name, or the name of your business, or anything you want it to be, just as long as it hasn’t been taken yet. Try to make it short, easy to spell, and end in “.com” that way it will be easier for your visitors to remember. I’ll skip the payment form while recording. Now here if you pick 12 months that will be the cheapest upfront, but 36 months will be the cheapest in the long run because you’re saving 60% off your first order by clicking on the link below this video. You can get these premium services if you want, but basic versions are already included. And if you don’t get ’em, that brings the price down a good bit. Read the Terms of Service and submit the order. Now we’re done Step 1 of 2.

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It’s time to set up the website. Click Proceed to Customer Area. Here you can click on Thanks, but I don’t need help, the very last option here. And then click Proceed. And then you can go to My Accounts. And then go to cPanel, and Proceed. Then you can click on Softaculous and install WordPress. The first few options you can leave the default. The table prefix would make sense to leave similar to what they have, but change it to something that’s easier for you to recognize. The site name should be the same as your domain name with or without the “.com” The site description will go along with your site name in the tab at the top of your browser. This should include keywords for search engine optimization. If you don’t know what that goes here to learn more. The admin username should include capitals, lower cases, numbers, and symbols. Some symbols are allowed like exclamation others like ampersand are not. The admin password should include all kinds of symbols, capitals, lower cases, and numbers. It should have a strength of 100 out of 100.

For this example, I’m just gonna leave it as default. Of course, you shouldn’t let anyone see your WordPress password, so before this video goes live I’m going to delete this WordPress installation. The admin email can be an email that you have. You should uncheck this because the plugin is over two years old, and plugins that old can be a security risk. Under “Advanced Options” there’s nothing we need to change so we’ll click “Install” This doesn’t take long, but I’ll speed it up anyway. And then you click on this link, to sign in with your new user name and password. And then go to Posts and Edit to edit the default post. We’ll just dismiss this. And then select all, and I’ll replace it with Coming Soon. Then you can change the title of the post. I’ll change it to First Post and then we’ll edit the URL permalink to first-post. Okay. Then you can click on preview, or you can update it. Then go to comments. Click trash on the example comment. Go to the trash bin. And then select it. Choose Delete Permanently, and apply. Click on Plugins in the main menu. We’re going to delete Akismet which an anti-spam plugin that costs for commercial use. Hello, Dolly is useless. Click on Delete in the drop-down menu and apply. And then choose Yes, Delete these files, and then we’re gonna add a WordPress plugin. And were gonna search for Antispam Bee and then install. This is 100% free. Activate now. Go to Appearance and then Theme Details on the themes we aren’t using. And then Delete. and then we’re going to choose OK. Do the same with the other one. We’re getting rid of these because you aren’t using them and it enhances security. Go to Widgets and then we’re going to delete all these by clicking on them and then choosing to delete.

Deleting the meta widget it will remove the login links. So you need to go to Under Appearance go to Customize and you can click here and you can change the tagline that will show up here. Save it. One last thing you should do to enhance security. Click on your username. Click Edit My Profile, and go down to your nickname. Change it to something different than your username. Then click on your display name and change it to your nickname. And then update your profile. And here’s our website. If you want to change the theme subscribe to my newsletter for a list of recommendations. Or search the WordPress website. We have now concluded our WordPress tutorial., Domain Names, Domains, Hosting

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