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Web hosting review of BlueHost: Hosting your website in the right place is not an easy task due to a large number of hosting companies. This in-depth review of bluehost.com will help you make the right choice.

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Bluehost offers 3 hosting plans- the basic one for 3.50usd per month is with 50GB web space, one website hosted and unlimited bandwidth. The plus plan for about 6 USD per month offers 10 websites hosted, 150GB web space, 100 e-mail accounts, and marketing tool kit of 150 USD included. The Pro plan for about 15 USD per month has unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and websites also 300 USD worth marketing offers and 1 SSL certificate. All the plans have 1 free domain included. You are also covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Let`s pick the first one. The panel is user-friendly and well organized. There is a side button for anytime walkthrough guidance. At the main page, you will find the promised marketing credits- Bing, Adwords, and WooThemes each with the value of 100usd. You can also add SEO features to your website with the solo SEO plans starting from about 3 USD per month.

The cPanel page has side statistics for your websites and is divided by sections. The website manager offers the world-known builders with one-click installation such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. They don`t have their own site builder to offer but are using the Weekly instead. However, you might have to pay additionally according to weekly plans. Take a look at thetop10sites Weekly review first.

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At themes and templates sections you are re-directed to mojo marketplace where you can check the best templates for your builder. However, some of them might require additional payment. The AppMachine app which helps you build your Android or IOS app with no coding skills required. There are 2 plans of about 50 and 70usd per app billed annually. If you want you can use the GoMobi builder and build your website with their mobile platform for about 3 USD each month additionally per domain.

The e-mail section enables you to create your e-mail boxes with 100mb per account and from the left, you can check the additional settings as forwarding messages. At domain page, you can add an additional domain for about 12 USD annually or transfer a domain you already own for free. At files section you can back-up your website with Backup Pro which allows you to download and restore system backups. Also, the File and FTP manager where you can access your website files. At statistics, you can access the well-known statistics apps as AWStats and Webalizer but you will need to do their set-up first from the Choose Stats page. You can upgrade and add domain privacy for about 1 USD per month or an SSL certificate. You can transfer your website with their professional migration services for about 150 USD. To secure your website you can check the SiteLock section and compare their plan’s features to add additional security for your website. At database tools, you can access the phpmyadmin and MySQL database to store a large amount of information.

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The advanced users can use the programming and advanced section- the CGI generator for additional website settings like BlueMail and the Apache handlers to control the CGI scripts, file types and extensions for your site. In terms of customer support we were extremely satisfied-they have large Help Topics section, the open-ticket system with a 24h response time, chat section with 24/7 support and phone support with an agent. Here are the main pros: • Free domain name registration • Excellent support • Money back guarantee • Marketing Credits for Bing, Adwords and WooThemes • Affordable hosting plans • cPanel and easy-to-use interface • Recommended by WordPress • But there are also some cons: • Marketing features limited • SEO tools aren’t included and they require additional payment • Mobile features require additional payment • No free website builder • Basic hosting plan is limited • The Bluehost.com hosting is a perfect solution for every website however it might be a bit costly. Check out the top10sites for more hosting companies.

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