How To Add HTTPS SSL Certificate To WordPress Website

How To Add HTTPS SSL Certificate To WordPress Website

SSL certificate installation is very important, particularly with browser display of whether a website is secure. Welcome back to another video I’m Adam were making videos for non-techies like me maybe like you.[the_ad_group id=”15″]

In this video, I will tell you how to add a SSL certificate to your WordPress website and what an SSL certificate is that sense for secure socket layer and it basically encrypts whatever communication happens between your website visitor and your website and it’s commonly required if you’re going to receive and or take any kind of payments for anything you sell directly on your website you need one of these SSL certificates and you’re in need be running your website in a secure fashion as well as there is a SCO benefit of search engine optimization benefit that Google is said if you are running your site on an SSL secure connection so now I can’t really show you everything deserves a good part of this that your web host has to do so you can contact your web host in basically say I need to add a security certificate to my website most of them asking to be free based on this thing, let’s encrypt so you can make a request now some of the other hosts that like to extort money out of their customers like host gator and stuff like that they are most likely get a 160 or $70 however it should be free if your host has something called let’s encrypt now that’s one side of its Aegis contact your host and asked them to add these this thing called an SSL certificate now the other side of it is you have to do something to WordPress so that it will run on this secure certificate and trying to make this is non-techies possible and I’m doing my very best now the way you do this on the WordPress side is actually really simple in its VR plug-in and what that’s gonna do Ziskin aforesaid so whenever someone visits your website it shows them the secure version of it now a problem that a lot of people run into is they get the security certificate but WordPress’s ain’t showing the visitor everything over the secure connection so they get this kind of security warning about it in the web browser and that’s what you don’t want anything real simple fix you just install particular plug-in enable it in your pretty much good to go so let’s do that in this video you go to plug-ins add new now the name of this plug-in is really simple SSL okay go ahead and search for that it’s commonly used I’ve used it on many websites and I have are running on websites currently and you can see there’s are already over 40,000 active installations of this all five-star reviews in it doesn’t cost a penny Cisco and click on install now and then click on activate now all you really have to do is click this button here this is go ahead activate SSL in any well coded theme or plug-in is can have no problem at all so just go ahead and that click on that and then if you have the security certificate properly installed it will start serving up the website on HTTPS this secure connection now I don’t have a security certificate installed on this example site that’s running on my local machine says why I’m getting this error so if you don’t have a security certificate or your host hasn’t installed improperly you’re going to get this message right here although I can just click on continue and it will take me back to my site now will log you out because you are logged in over on the nonsecure version of your site and I have to re-login on the secure version of your website that’s all there is to this plug-in limit log back in and this is gallantly back in and you have this new option under settings that says SSL and we can click into it and this is where you can see if the plug-in is doing its job so you can see right here that it is enabled and this is really the main reason that we need the plug-in is this makes content fixer and that’s what causes the browser notification to say that it’s not a fully secure site is because default WordPress is going to serve your images and things like that under the nonsecure connection with this plug-in does is it forces WordPress to show everything on the secure connection and that’s what makes it work so that’s pretty much all there is to getting SSL working properly in word press he really quickly do something for me if you’re watching this on you too can you give me a thumbs up and I want to invite you to subscribe to this YouTube channel there’s a button right beneath me and I really appreciate if you did that and I got something for you I don’t want you to leave empty-handed if you just click off here to the side it’s a free video course that I put together just for you call the three steps to WordPress success you will love this course registration is free right now all you have to do is click on the link right next to me thanks for spending this time with me and I can’t wait to make another video for you[the_ad_group id=”15″]

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