3 Outstanding Wordpress Plugins That Will Make Your Website Go Viral

3 Outstanding WordPress Plugins

Outstanding WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Website Go Viral

– You have a WordPress
site, you’re writing all this content, you’re building
links, you’re getting all these social shares, but
stuff just isn’t going viral. What should you do? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel
and today I’m gonna share with you three WordPress
plug-ins that’s gonna help your WordPress site go viral. (light music) The first one I have for
you is Click to Tweet. It’s really simple, you guys have heard about this plug-in before,
but I don’t know why most people don’t use it. I’ve tried using it, it works well for me. I already have a big Twitter audience, I don’t need it as much. But when I didn’t have as
big of a Twitter audience, I used it, it worked really
well and every time my team starts a new blog, we use
it because it helps us just get right off the
ground and go viral, especially on Twitter. What you wanna do is, when
you have factoids or quotes within your article,
do the Click to Tweet, that way as people are
reading, you can end up generating way more social shares and way more Twitter traffic. But, there’s a trick to this plug-in. Most people are just
using it one or two times throughout their blog posts. If you’re writing 2,000
plus word blog posts, which you should, ’cause
if you look at the articles on page one of Google, the
ones that rank the highest, they typically have over 2,000 plus words. As you’re writing these long,
in-depth evergreen articles, spread the Click to Tweet
throughout the article. Make sure it’s in the
introduction, make sure it’s in the body and make sure
it’s in the conclusion. I typically use it at
least five or six times. When you do that, you’ll
generate way more traffic. If you only do it one or two
times, where you shove it at the bottom of the
article, you will not get as many Twitter shares and traffic. Now, here’s one thing. If you guys are on Twitter,
which I bet most of you are and you want me to follow you,
this is another tip, right? Because that way when
you want people to do the Click to Tweet and people
are doing it and they’re doing your @ handle or
they’re tweeting at you, I may end up seeing it, especially if you’re tweeting stuff out. Make sure you leave a comment
with your Twitter handle. If I like your content, I’ll follow you, but I’ll also help you go more
viral if I start pushing out your content into my audience. No guarantee that I’m gonna follow you, but there is a good chance. The second plug-in I have
for you is Referral Candy. Have you ever signed
up for Uber or used it? Have you ever seen the
thing where it says, “Hey, invite a friend. “Not only will they get ten
dollars worth of Uber credit, “but you will also get ten
dollars worth of Uber credit.” You can do the same thing. You don’t even have to
sell physical products. You can create info products
and instead of saying, “Giving it away for free”, “Hey, you want access “to this info product? “Make sure you invite someone. “If they sign up, you’ll also get access.” You can do a lot of cool,
interesting things like that to really grow your user base
and just make it explode. It’s simple, it’s effective,
it works, I’ve tested it out, companies like Uber use it
all the time, companies like Dropbox use it and they’re
multi-billion dollar companies. So, make sure you check
out Referral Candy. The last plug-in I have
for you is Invite Referral. Have you ever seen those
things online where people are launching a product or a
service and they’re saying, “Hey, this will unlock once
we get x amount of shares.” You can do the same thing. Encourage your community
to share your content. Saying, “Hey do you
guys want all this bonus “and this cheat sheets? “Well, you have to unlock the content, “you’ve got to share it and
once we hit 200, 300, 500, we’ll gladly unlock it.” It’s a really easy
strategy to just get way more traffic without doing much more work. Now, I know this video is short, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s short because these
three plug-ins are effective. You don’t need 20 or 50
or 100 WordPress plug-ins. Just test out these three ones if you want your WordPress site to go more viral. Thank you for watching. Make sure you subscribe,
comment, like if you enjoy any of these plug-ins or have
feedback or any other ones that people should be using,
leave a comment below, share it, I’ll give you feedback on it or if other people have feedback on it, they’ll also do the same. Thank you for watching.

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